2nd and 4th Wednesday of month: evening

Mah Jong 1

We play the European version of Mah Jong which is based on the old Chinese game - hence the mixture of Chinese and European terms. During the game there are cries of flower, pung, kong, chow, I’m fishing and finally Mah Jong or disappointingly Goulash! Once the rules have become second nature, Mah Jong is a game which inspires competition between players and yet you are still an independent player. The time passes very quickly and is always enjoyable.

Please contact Mary Thomas if you are interested in joining or would like more information.

1st and 3rd Thursday of month: evening

Mah Jong 2

Mah Jong is a game for 4 players which involves skill, strategy and a certain degree of luck. It is played with 144 tiles of attractive characters and symbols which are first ‘washed’ (shuffled) and then built into a square (the Great Wall of China). Each player is dealt 13 tiles and then the game commences by players drawing and discarding tiles until they have completed their hand, each person may be looking for e.g. ‘Little Robert’, ‘Gerties Garter’ or even ‘Plucking the Moon from the bottom of the Sea’ amongst many others.

Please contact Carole T if you require more information.