3rd Friday of month: 2.00


We meet in members’ homes. We concentrate mainly on specific periods e.g. Georgians, exploring events and people of that time.

Please contact Susan Smith for more information.

1st Thursday of month


We have a planning meeting at the beginning of each year. Group members come with ideas and after some discussion the programme is finalised. Each meeting is arranged by a different member of the group. We try to have a mixture of local visits and ‘in house’ discussions which usually involve some research by members. Trips to London are restricted to special exhibitions, usually at the British Museum.

Please contact Shirley Oldfield for more information.

2nd Wednesday of month: morning

Local History

If you want to find out about the history of St Albans and Hertfordshire then we are a good starting point. We are a very friendly and gregarious group and assistance with transport can be arranged as required. In the summer we try to get out to local historic sites and during the winter we generally meet in members houses to listen to a topic presented by a member. All members are encouraged to participate in presenting but is not a rigid requirement.

Please contact David Clift for more information.

4th Friday of month: 2.00

Ancient History

This includes a mix of short presentations and visits to places of interest.

Please contact Susan Smith for more information.

4th Wednesday of month: 2.00

Social History

A social history research and discussion group covering the last 250 to 300 years, touching on subjects such as philanthropy, crime, holidays, transport and communication. Have times changed?

Please contact Diana Dunn for more information.