4th Thursday of month: pm

We meet at the Dahlia Coffee House in Aylett's nurseries.

Whether your goal is publication, entering competitions or purely for pleasure, using well-established techniques can enable you to transport your readers into your story. This creative writing group aims to increase the writing skills proficiency of members through exploring such techniques.

Members take it in turn to lead sessions on different writing techniques (recent sessions have included ‘Show, don’t tell,’ point of view, internal monologue, planning and plotting, suspense and poetry). Recently we have been working on writing for radio.

The usual format is for the session leader to e-mail notes on the chosen topic to the group in advance so these may be printed and brought along to the meeting. We begin with input on a technique, followed by an exercise on the topic. Members then read their work out and give and receive feedback. The atmosphere is supportive and encouraging.

Members wishing feedback on their current writing project may bring along abstracts for feedback.

For more information please contact Anne K.